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1. When is the best time to make my tan time? + 

You should make your reservation for the time you can make it there. I personally like to get mine done early so I can relax for the night.
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2. When should I start shaving? + 

You should start shaving at least 3 weeks out from your show.
As I am not a waxing professional, please confir with your waxing professional!
I would suggest getting your waxing done at least three days prior to your tanning session. I am not a waxing professional and this is just a suggestion.
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3. When should I do my final shave? + 

The morning of your session would be fine, as long as you have shaved the area for a while prior to this shaving.
If not......
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4. What do I wear while tanning? + 

It depends on your class. If you are a Mens Physique, you can wear under garments with the tops rolled down under where your trunks would be.
All other classes should tan with nothing on. This elminates the potential for untanned areas showing and also makes the time to tan much quicker.
We do have disposable undergarments and we also have male and female airbrush artists.

Women - We supply a hair cover and suggest you keep the cover for touchups on show day.
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5. How long does it take to tan? + 

For most folks, from the time you step into the room for tanning and the time you step out ranges from 20 - 30 minutes.
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6. Who is in the room while I am tanning? + 

We have male and femail airbrush artists in the room. You are guided into your tanning tent and then you disrobe. The potential for you being seen as you are tanned is slight.
Sometimes we also have expiditers in the room, they may test you for dryness. They will come up beside your tent and let you know their intent. If you do not want them to test you, please speak up and let them know.
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7. Do you have different colors? + 

The color depth should be different between some classes. The mens physique and bikini groups should be lighter than the other classes. Still all competitors are dark enough to not be washed out on stage.
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8. Can I use deodorant after my tan? + 

No. You should have stopped using deoderant a few days prior to your session if you can. This gives you time to wash the metals from your deoderant off prior to your session and helps keep your underarms nice.
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9. Can I shower after my tan? + 

You will not be showering until after the show. Unless you are instructed to by either Bill or Meredith.
Showering without prior instruction will require another full payment!
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10. What do I wear to and after my tan? + 

Wear loose fitting clothing that does not have tight elastic banding.
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